The case against the sexual revolution

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Louise Perry discuss the current state of feminism, the corruption of porn, the gray areas of consent, and the failure of the sexual revolution.

Louise Perry is a journalist and author based in London. Her first book, “The Case Against the Sexual Revolution,” was published in 2022. She is the director of The Other Half, a new non-partisan feminist think tank, and the host of Maiden Mother Matriarch, a podcast about sexual politics.

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(0:00) Coming up
(1:16) Intro
(2:45) The emergence of pornography, Playboy
(6:20) Marilyn Monroe: the short game and misery
(8:36) Technical morality and mating strategies
(14:01) Launching Playboy, cover folds without consent
(16:51) Fatherlessness, early puberty, a deadly combination
(20:00) Madonna: becoming your own parody
(21:30) Maiden, mother, matriarch
(26:00) Are men and women different?
(27:40) The pill, voluntary reproductive control
(31:45) Trivializing the body, living for the mind
(35:18) Is all sexual expression valuable?
(38:08) A reinvention of marriage
(41:10) Removing the principles of sex
(46:02) Death grip syndrome, impotence
(48:10) Desperation reduction and detrimental self-training
(52:14) AI, robotics, and the monetization of decay
(54:06) OnlyFans: women cease to be women
(56:31) Short-term and long-term female attractiveness
(59:30) Temperance: Alcohol fuels sexual and domestic abuse
(1:02:00) Is marriage consent? Gray areas and #MeToo
(1:07:31) The plight of the unsophisticated male
(1:09:07) The difference between male and female status
(1:15:25) The incoming sexual counter-revolution
(1:18:20) Women test men for aggression
(1:19:16) Men test women for impulsivity
(1:23:25) Nietzsche: prudishness is a guise for cowardice
(1:24:34) The pill removed the ease of assertiveness for women
(1:25:50) Is rape a property crime?
(1:28:00) The plight of the unsophisticated female
(1:31:12) Christianity and feminism
(1:34:42) Listen to your mother
(1:37:02) Women and starting businesses
(1:39:30) The tide is turning