3 Labels better than ‘sex addiction’

The diagnosis “sex addiction” only tells part of the story. In this podcast, Coach Craig shares three additional lables that are better than the label of sex addiction. Use these labels to best find your path towards healing, healthy sexuality, and a great life. One of the labels is going to shock you.

  • Intimacy disorder
  • Sexual authenticity disorder
  • Unliberated asshole syndrome

Craig Perra, The Mindful Habit, July 19, 2017

Runtime ~30 minutes

What is the Mindful Habit® System?

It’s a structured behavior change system designed to dramatically increase self control, emotional intelligence, healthy sexuality and install the systems necessary to drive long term success.

Founded by executive/lawyer/sex, drug, and porn addict, it’s a behavior change modality based on the science of habits (which control our lives), mindfulness (which is literally changing the world) and success (healthy sexuality and a great life). 

It is a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured path designed to produce: healthy sexuality and a great life.