This website contains a collection of documentaries and presentations about or related to pornography and its dark influence on individuals, relationships and society covering over a half century dating back to the sixties.


Pornography is a drug with potential negative effects and should be treated as such. Contrary to free available for everybody regardless of age it should be behind a pay-wall tagged like cigarettes with its potential harm.


The videos are categorized in both subject and format and archived on date of publication.


Trough extensive tagging the searchability on this website is maximized for research in the different aspects of porn in fast changing times.

12-step program abduction ability aboriginals abortion abuse accessibility accountability ACLU versus Reno acting out activism ad revenue addiction ADHD admiration adolescence adrenal gland adrenaline junkie adult adult content adult entertainment adulthood adults advocate affection affiliate network affordability age age appropriate age restriction age verification aggression agreement aid alcohol alcoholic alcoholism algorithm ALRC amateur amazing ambiguous consent ambition amygdala anal sex analysis anatomy ancestors ancient anger animals annual statistics anonymity anti bullying anti conception pill antibiotics anticipation antidepressants antiporn anxiety AOL ads apartment apathy apology app application approval argument army arousal arousal addiction arrest asexual ashamed Ashcroft Court assault asshole associated atm attention attitude attorney attorney general attraction audience audio visual stimuli Aunt from Hell authentic author authority authority bias autonomy availability avatar average age avoidance aware awkward baby Yoda Bailey report bait balance ballistic ban banging bank accounts bankrupt banning barbaric state bareback barely legal barrier baseball cards basic sensory experience bathing suit battering battle battle for pixels BDSM beach beastiality beaten beatings beautification beautiful beauty bedroom behavior Behind the Green Door believe beneficial Berkeley betrayal biblical big brother big business big tobacco bigotry billboard binding binging Biola University biological perspective biology biology of trauma bipolar disorder bipolar women birth bisexual bizarre bizarre crimes black hole black markers black women blacked out blacklist blackmail blame blasphemy blocking blogs blood pressure blow jobs blunt assessment blunt speak bodily harm body body building body confidence body cues body hair body image body literacy body parts body sovereignty body-part body-shaming bonding book boomers boring born born again christian bought sex boundaries 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case studies cash casual cat-fishing catastrophic experience catch catecholomines cater catfish Catfishman Catharine Lumby cathartic caught causality causation cause cause distress causing problems caution cautionary tale cave walls CDA Cedar Lake Academy celebrating celebrity censorship centralized cerebral cortex certainly CGI chained challenge challenging change changes changing changing laws character charged charming chase chat forum chat logs chat rooms chatbots chats chatting cheating checkup chemical chemical balance chemicals chemistry chick magnet child abuse child exploitation child on child sex abuse child sex abuse child sex tourism childhood childporn children chimpanzee choice choking christian chronic consumption church churches Cialis cigarette companies cigarette company cigarette purchases Cincinnati Cindy Gallop circuit civil lawsuit civilization claims class classic addiction classic arguments classic idea classification classmates classroom clean clean exit 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consistent behaviors consolidation conspiracy constitutional constitutionally constraints constructing constructive consumed consumer consumers consumes consuming consumption contact contain contain our emotions contained contaminate contaminated contemplating contemporary photography content content analysis content delivery content formatter content formatting context contextualized event continued contract contradicting contrast contribute contributed contributes contributing contributing cause contributing factor control desensitization control group control tower controversial convenience conventional notions conversation conversations conversion convert conviction convoluted Coolidge effect cooperative cope coping coping behaviors coping mechanism coping methods coping strategies coping strategy cops copulation copy cat crimes copycat copyright Copyright Office copyright piracy copyright-law core core issue core issues corporate collaborators corporation correlated correlation corrupt corrupted corrupting corruption cortisol Cosa Nostra counseling counselor counter culture counter-intuitive counterfeits couples couples therapy courage court courtroom courtship covid-19 craves craving cravings crazy crazy activity crazy stuff creative energy creativity credit card crime crime prevention committee crimescene criminal criminal justice system criminal law crisis helpline critical thinking critically acclaimed Cromer and Flynt cross-dressers crucial crucial because crucial forensic evidence cruel cruelty crying crypto currency exchange crystallize CTV culpability cult cult figure cultists cultivate cultivating cultural messages cultural mindset cultural shift cultural war culture Culture Reframed cum dumpster curate cure curiosity curious currency current statistics custody customer customers Cuties cutiielover cutting cyber abuse cyber bullying Cyber Civil Rights Initiative cyber sex cyber sexual abuse cyber sexual assault cyber stalking cycle DA daily visitors Daisy Daisy's Destruction damaged damaging dance danger dangerous dangerous territory dangers Darieth Chisholm dark dark secret dark web darkness data data collection date-rape dating dating app dating apps daughter Dave Bateman David Brown David Case David Cook David French David Jeffries David McLain David Morgan David S. Wells David Wright deal breaker Deana Puccio death row death sentence death threats death treats debate Deborah Sanchez debut decade decades deceit decency decent decent literature decent people decide decision decision making decision-making decisions decline declining interest deconstruct decrease decreases dedication deep depression deep fake pornography Deep Throat deeply apathetic defaming defecating defecation defective defendant defendants defenders defense define definitely definition definitions deformed defrauding degenerate degenerative degradation degraded degrades degrading degrading interest dehumanization dehumanizing Delaney Henderson delayed ejaculation delayed reporting delete cookies delicate delighted delink delivered Delta-FosB demand demeaning demeans democratic society demographics demons demonstrate demonstrates denial denouncing density denying dependence dependency dependent depicted depictions depopulation depraved depravity depravity stuff depressed depressing depression deregulation dermatillomania descended describe described describing desensitization desensitized desensitized brain deserve deserving design designed designing desirable desire desires desperate desperate housewives desperation despicable despicable behavior destination destiny destroy destroying destroys destruction destructive destructive cycle destructiveness detachment detailed courts details detective detectives determination determine detox detriment detrimental detrimental effects devaluing partners devastating devastation development deviance deviancy deviant deviants deviation device devolution Devorah Gilman DHS diagnosis diagnostic Diana Russell dicey proposition die diet differences different different aspects different forms difficult difficult climaxing difficulty digital digital age digital castration digital communications Digital Minimalism digital problem digital revolution digital solution digitally castrated dignified dignity dilemma diligent 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forums forward foster care fostering foundation fragment fragmentation fragments France France 24 France24 Frank Goldschmidt Fraser Commission on pornography and prostitution fraternity fraud freaked out Fred Berlin free free available free expression free porn free sexuality free society free speech freedom of press freedom of speech Freethink freeze freeze frame freezing frequency frequent frequent consumption frequent users frequently friendly interaction friends frightening frightens fringe subculture frivolous lawsuit frontal cortex frontal lobe frontal lobes Frontline frontlines fruit-juice frustration FSC FTC FTND fuckability fuel fuels fugitive fulfilling fulfillment full spectrum fun function functioning fundamental fundamentally fundamentally misguided funded funnel funneling people future FWI Gabrielle Shaw gadgets gagged gagging gags Gail Busby Gail Saltz Galen Foust gambling gambling addicts gambling machines gambling sites game changer gamergate games gang rape gang-bang 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narratives narrator narrow nasty Nate Dogg Nathan Abrams Nathan Haug nation National Film Board of Canada national hunt National Institute of Justice natural natural causes natural cues natural curiosity natural reward natural rewards natural satiation mechanisms natural sexual desires natural state natural world naturally naturally fit nature naughty pictures Navesink navigation naysayers NBC NBI NCCR NCMEC NCP necessary necessity nefarious negative negative body image negative consequences negative effect negative effects negative emotion negative emotions negative experience negative impact negative psychological impacts negatives neglect negotiating negotiations neighborhood Neil Malamuth nerve connections nerve-racking nervous network neural chemicals neural circuits neural pathway neural pathways neuro chemicals neurobiology neurochemical neurochemical rebirth neurochemical reinforcement neurochemical rush neurochemicals neurologic disorder neurological neurological studies neurologically neurologists neurology neurons neurons that fire together wire together neuroplasticity neuroscience neurosis neurosurgeon neurotransmitter neurotransmitters neutral neutral fact gatherer Nev Taylor Nevada never-ending stream nevertheless New Mexico New Orleans news news anchor News Corporation news outlets Newsnight newspaper newsstands Newsweek next generation NGO NHTRC Nicki Minaj Nicole Anscombe nicotine nightmare nightmares Nikki Goldstein Nikki Rettelle Nina Hartley nineties Noah Church Noah Gundersen Noam Chomsky nobody's victim nocturnal wanderings Noemi Abarientos non consensual pornography non traumatic memory non-consensual distribution non-consensual posting non-religious nonchalant nonprofit nonviolent norepinephrine norm normal normal sensitivity normality normalization normalized normalizes normalizing norms North Dakota Northern Ireland Northern Territory Northern Territory emergency response Northern Territory intervention nose not applicable not genuine 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